Using Tabs

Using Tabs (6359)

You can click the tabs located in the upper left of many windows to see different information. For example, a Purchase Order window has three tabs. The Purchase Order tab displays basic purchase order information like vendor name and the items on order. The Expanded tab displays additional purchase order information like order type, requested by, and stock for the items on order. The Shipment tab displays information about which items on the purchase order have been received.

Some information is constant in the window. For example, the vendor name and address in a purchase order continue to be displayed even when you click the Shipments tab. However, the vendor fields are gray, indicating that you can't make changes to them when you are viewing shipment information. You can change the vendor fields only when you click the Purchase Order or Expanded tab to view basic purchase order information.

To view different information in a window:
• In a window, click the tab that represents the kind of information you want to see.


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