To Enter Account and Category Information

To Enter Account and Category Information (6333)

To enter account and category information:

1. Click the Accounts & Categories button in the Set Up Checklist window.

2. In the Accounts & Categories Set Up window, choose the method you want to use to enter the information, then click the OK button.

3. Double-click a row to edit Account details incluing Beginning Balance.

Several tasks need to be accomplished when you set up your accounts and categories:

• Importing basic account and category information. If you choose to use predefined accounts and categories this information is entered automatically. You can edit, add, and delete accounts and categories as necessary.

• Entering beginning balances. Import or enter the balances as of your Big Business start date (entered in the Company Information Set Up window).

• Specifying default categories. These categories are used in Big Business when entering transactions like invoices or bills. You can change the defaults at any time after you begin using the program.


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