Big Business API: Line Item Info

Big Business API is an Application Programming Interface that lets you read and write, update and insert, and add or delete data from Big Business using an available connection such as Middleware (MySQL), ODBC, SQL, or Web (HTTP or HTTPS).

Line Item Info is a structure for sending information about Line Items (e.g. items on Invoices) that you can Add or Update in Big Business.

This Solution provides details for Line Item Info. (6283)

UID - Big Business UID, automatically assigned

fUID - Big Business UID, if needed for finding Line Item to update

pUID - Big Business UID, if needed to identify Parent (Invoice) for Line Item

ItemCode - Big Business Item Code

Dsc1 - Description1, if needed to override Item's

Dsc2 - Description2, if needed to override Item's

Qty - Quantity, if needed to override default

Prc - Price, if needed to override Customer's pricing for Item

Taxable - (1 = Taxable), if needed for Sales Tax

Cmt - Line Item Comment, if needed to add to Item's Detail Description

ItemUID - Big Business UID, if needed for identifying Item

LocationCode - Big Business Warehouse Code, if needed for Multi-Warehouse

Disc - Discount percentage (20 = 20% off), if needed

BuildCode - Big Business BuildCode (4 = AutoBuilt), if needed

Action - Big Business Action (addinvli = add invoice line item), if needed

Token - security Token, if needed for authentication

ExtID - external ID, if needed for reference

ExtParentID - external ID for Parent, if needed for reference