Credit Hold Days

Credit Hold Days is an option to automatically put the customer on credit hold when they have unpaid invoices more than the number of Credit Hold Days old.

This Solution describes using on this feature. (6260)

To use Credit Hold Days:
1. Open a Customer Card and go to the History tab.
2. In Credit Hold Days enter the number of days in which to apply the credit hold.
3. Click OK to save the Customer Card.

Credit Hold Days works with:
• Credit Verification for Sales Orders (set in the Customer Prefs in the Sales Order Prefs)
• Credit Verification for Invoices (set in the Customer Prefs in the Invoice Prefs)
• Current Date (per Big Business Server)
• Invoices with a positive Balance (not Credit Memos)

Customer Search lets you search by Credit Hold Days--and Terms, Balance, Average Pay Days--and use Update to assign Credit Hold Days to multiple customers at once.