Multi-Currency: Printing

The Multi-Currency Add-On is an additional module for Big Business that supports transactions in foreign currencies.

This Solution describes Printing. (6246)

The Foreign Cost is recorded on the Item Card History for use on future purchases:

The Multi-Currency Add-On supports transactions in foreign currencies. Here are basic features and techniques for Printing transactions:

• Foreign Exchange (FX) is set on the Customer or Vendor Card and automatically applied to new transactions.

• Printing FX transactions automatically switches to Advanced Print Options.

• In the Settings column you can choose FX-Currency to print in the Customer's or Vendor's currency, or choose My Currency to switch back to your own.

• Custom Forms work automatically. Totals can be set to use the Formats: "|Rpt Ext" and "|Rpt Ext Total" to use Ext. Price and Total formatting from Currency Settings, to automatically display the Currency Symbol.


Setting Up Currencies