Quote Preferences

Quote Preferences are found in Customer Prefs and include:

• Next Quote # - set the next number to be assigned to new Quotess

• Quote Expires In - set the number of days used to set an Expiration Date

• Quote Uses Cost - set the Cost used for Quotes to Vendor Cost, Landed Cost, or Average Cost

• Default Entry Tab - set the Quote or Expanded Quote tab as the default to be displayed when a Quote is opened

• Print In Notes Field - automatically include Customer Code, Customer Listing, Total Quantity, or Boilerplate text, including Replacement Tags to Insert any Field from the Customer Card, in the Notes box when printing built-in Quote forms.

• Print Continuation Message for Multi-Page Quotes - display a message such as "Continued on the following page" instead of showing totals at the bottom of each page when printing built-in Quote forms.


To change Quote Preferences:

1. Go to Customer Prefs
2. Click the button for Quote Preferences
3. Make changes
4. Click OK to Save Quote Preferences
5. Click OK to Save Customer Preferences


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As Quoted for Customer-Specific Pricing
Enterable Cost on Quotes
Quote Uses Cost, Average Cost, or Landed Cost

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