Built Item Quantity To Build

Big Business 7.1.3 adds an optional To Build Quantity for Built Items. The To Build Quantity simplifies conversions:
• from larger unit of measure to smaller
• when repackaging from bulk
• using or breaking a case or pack that yields a fixed amount

This Solution describes enabling and using this feature. (6216)

To enable To Build Quantity:
1. Go to the Item toolbar to Item Prefs
2. Click the checkbox for To Build.
3. Click OK to Save Item Prefs.

On restart, users will see the To Build field on the Built Item Components window as well as Export, Imports, and QuickChange.

Using the To Build Quantity you can then have Built Items where more than one are built at a time. The pictured example is one Can of Coke, where one Case is the Component and the To Build Quantity is 24.

Auto-Build or entering a Build with the Item Adjustment tool automatically rounds up, building 24 even if only ten are needed at the time. This eliminates fractional cases (which are not really cases).


  Chapter 309 To Build

  Chapter 309 To Build

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