Screen Sharing

Screen Sharing is a feature of Mac OS X 10.5 and higher, allowing remote access to your computer from another Mac, or any VNC Viewer running on a PC, iPad, iPhone, etc..

This Solution provides basic setup information. (6203)

To allow Screen Sharing on your Mac:
1. Go to System Preferences to Sharing
2. Click the checkbox for Screen Sharing
This allows you to connect from another Mac.
3. Click Computer Settings
4. Click the checkbox for VNC Viewers and enter a Password
This allows you to connect from a VNC Viewer.

Connect a Mac locally:
On another Mac on your network, look in a Finder window under Shared for your shared computer and click Share Screen. Enter your name and password (for the computer you are connecting to).

Connect a VNC Viewer locally:
On your iPad or iPhone, use App Store to get a VNC Viewer such as Remoter, Jaadu, RealVNC, Mocha, etc.. Connect to your local network (e.g. Settings, Wi-Fi, On), and in the VNC Viewer connect (e.g. in Remoter, Sessions, Add, and choose your computer, enter name and password, and connect).

To connect remotely, see Allowing Remote Connections.


Allowing Remote Connections