Applescript to Quit Big Business Server

When you Quit Big Business Server a dialog asks how much time to allow Clients to Quit. When you choose Shut Down, to shut down your computer, click Restart to allow Software Update to install updates, or you have an uninterruptible power supply than can tell the computer to shut down, this dialog prevents Big Business Server from being shut down automatically.

Big Business Server for Mac installs an Applescript which can automatically Quit Server, or be copied for your own script. (6174)

Big Business Server includes an AppleScript that can run in the background and responds to Shut Down by telling Big Business Server to Quit without any dialog.

To use this AppleScript move or copy it out of the Auto Shut Down folder and into the Big Business Server folder.

The next time Big Business Server starts it will automatically launch the AppleScript and leave it running in the background. Then, Shut Down or any other operation that Quits the AppleScript will prompt it to Quit Big Business Server without any dialog.


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