Chapter 13: Importing Accounts and Categories (1)

Chapter 13: Importing Accounts and Categories (1) (6150)

If your business has been using accounting software, you may be able to import the software's account and category information into Big Business. Importing from your old software allows you to maintain your system of account names and to automatically bring over your current balances. Before importing, of course, you should make sure that the data in your old software is up to date.

You can import account and category data from text files, which can be exported from many software packages. Check your previous software's documentation for instructions. See Import Fields for a list of all the fields you can import into.

After you import the data, you can review it to make sure that it is correct. At setup time, you can add, delete, and edit accounts and categories as necessary. See Using the Accounts & Categories Window.

You also need to choose the categories that will be used by default in Big Business. See Assigning Default Categories.


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