Chapter 13: Using Predefined Financial Categories (1)

Chapter 13: Using Predefined Financial Categories (1) (6148) [p371]

If you're starting a new business or want to completely overhaul your current accounting system, the easiest way to set up your accounts and categories is to let Big Business do it for you. Big Business includes a number of different predefined account and category systems, each tailored for a particular type of business. You choose the type of business that is closest to your own; Big Business prepares a list of accounts and categories based on your choice.

When the list is being prepared, Big Business gives you the choice of including numbers in account codes. (These codes appear in lists and fields where you choose which category to use in a particular situation.) If you decide to include numbers, the codes are numbered according to standard accounting practices.

After Big Business prepares the list, you need to add the beginning balances for each account and category. (If this is a new business, the balances might be zero.) At the same time, you can add, delete, or edit accounts and categories. See Using the Accounts & Categories Window for instructions.

When you use a predefined list of accounts and categories, Big Business automatically sets up default categories. You need to confirm these defaults and make any changes that might be necessary. See Assigning Default Categories.


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