Chapter 13: Importing Data After Setup (1)

Chapter 13: Importing Data After Setup (1) (6143) [p368]

When you import data from a text file after setup, you also use the Import window to match text fields in the file to fields in Big Business.

Since you cannot import balances after setup, Big Business does not load balances even though you drag a Balance field into the Insert list.

The help field on the Import window provides additional information on field formats, data types, and how Big Business will treat imported data that does not fit its expected criteria.

As stated earlier in this chapter, Import windows have a Fields Available for Insertion list, which displays the text fields from the first paragraph in the file. If the first paragraph corresponds to a heading row, the headings are displayed. If the first paragraph is a data row, its text fields appear.

The Fields list on the other side of the window shows the Big Business fields that you can import into. It's possible that there will be fields in the file that don't correspond to a Big Business field; and it's likely that the Big Business list will contains fields not found in the file.


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