Chapter 13: Using the Import Window During Setup (1)

Chapter 13, page 4, Using the Import Window During Setup (1) shows the import window for mapping fields for importing when setting up a new Data File. (6142)

The Import window that opens when you select an import option lets you match the fields of the text file to field that Big Business can use.

When you import from a file at setup time, you tell Set Up which field of text in the file corresponds to which kind of data in Big Business. For example, you tell Set Up to find the customer zip code in the zip code field of each paragraph in the file.

To import your data file you must select the import option and click on the OK button. In the dialog box that appears, you must find and select the data file that you created, and click Open.

You then match the text field in the Fields Available for Insertion list with the Big Business fields. The Big Business Fields list on the right side of the window shows the Big Business fields that you can import into.


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