Warehouses: Warehouse Qty's

The Warehouse Quantities Search includes quantity values from Warehouse Quantities, as described below.

This feature is part of the Warehouses Add-On, which is an additional module for Big Business Server that tracks inventory at multiple Warehouses. (6128)

Big Business 13.65 and 14.22 fix the Show button and add new Warehouse Counts for the MRP Add-On.

Big Business 10.15 updates Warehouse Qtys for instant display. Big Business 10.19 automatically deletes Warehouse Qty's for Obsolete Items.

The Warehouse Quantity Search includes quantity values from Warehouse Quantities:

Warehouse Qty On Hand
Warehouse Qty Allocated
Warehouse Qty Available
Warehouse Order At Least
Warehouse When Below
Warehouse Qty On Order
Warehouse Qty Needed

It is important to understand that the Warehouse Quantities work in lockstep with the accounting for Items. The search criterion, Quantity On Hand, refers to the value on the Item Card, and your total inventory of the Item, while the Warehouse Qty On Hand refers to the quantity in an individual warehouse.


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