Purchase Order Expanded Tab

Big Business 7.0.7 will add an Expanded tab for the Purchase Order similar to Expanded tab found on Sales Orders and Invoices with a few improvements noted here including new fields that change exports and searches. (6121)

The Expanded tab on the Purchase Order includes:

• a setting in the Purchase Order Preferences found in the Vendor Preferences to make the Expanded tab the Default Tab that is selected whenever any user opens the Purchase Order tool

• an additional row of fields above the line items

• a new field for Order Type which uses a drop-down list

• a new field for Requested By

• new fields have been added to Exports, Searches, and Custom Forms

• the Warehouse selector has been renamed, Warehouse from Location

• the Comment button has been added to the left of the Add (+) button

• the Comment Icon in the Comments column is also a Comments button

• the Line Item Comments window allows Enter/Return for better formatting

• a Purchase Order Expanded form has been added in Print Options