Big Business 7 Data File Maintenance

Big Business 7 integrates tools for optimizing and repairing Data Files. These operations automatically archive your Data File and create the new, impoved copy in the original location. This makes repair a snap. (6113)

To Repair your Data File, start Big Business (Server) and quickly hold the Option (Alt) key. On the dialog displayed, choose the option, Open the Maintenance and Security Center.

On the menu on the left click Repair, then at the top for, Repair the Data File, click Repair. Do not Repair the Structure File. Once the Repair is Complete, Quit and restart Big Business.

The newly repaired Data File is saved in the original location and will automatically open when you start Big Business again. The original file is archived in a folder named, Replaced Files (Repaired) and the date.

When you are finished, click the Close Button to close the Window and then click OK on the dialog to Quit.