Deselect Default Field

Normally, when you open a record--like a Customer or Quote--Big Business selects the first field where you can type. So it's easy to start making changes. Which can lead to accidental changes, like changing a customer's name without noticing.

Deselect Default Field reduces accidental changes by NOT selecting a default field. You must first CLICK into a field. Then, type and Tab as usual. (6098)

Deselect Default Field reduces entry errors by not selecting a default field when opening a record--like a Customer or Quote. Since no field is selected, errant typing does not overwrite anything.

With Deselect Default Field, users must Click to select a field before making changes.

To enable Deselect Default Field:
1. Go to the Employee toolbar
2. Open the Employee Prefs
3. Click the checkbox for Deselect Default Field
4. Click OK to Save changes to Employee Prefs