Changing Number Formats

Changing Number Formats
Big Business allows you to change number formats and currency symbols
to match your business needs. You use the Number Formats dialog box to set these options.

Big Business 6 increases the size of the number format settings to support currencies where totals might run into hundreds of millions or higher. (6089)

To change number formats:
1. In a Company Card, click the Format Numbers button.
2. In the Number Formats dialog box, choose the country whose currency symbol and number formats you want to use.
3. If necessary, manually change number formats and decimal place information for the different field types.

• The Country field lets you choose from among a selection of English-speaking countries. Choosing a country sets the currency symbol and sets the number formats to typical arrangements for the country. If you change any of the number formats, the country setting changes to “Custom,” but the previous currency symbol remains.
• The Display Format column in the dialog box determines how numbers will be displayed, including the number of decimal places that will be displayed. To
change the number of decimal places, enter the correct number of zeros after the decimal point in a field. For example, if your pricing structure uses very small increments like tenths or hundredths of cents, enter three or four zeros after the decimal point.
• The Rounding column determines the number of decimals places used in rounding. For example, if you set a price to round to two decimal places, any calculations or totals will be rounded to the nearest cent.
• The Examples column shows examples of how numbers appear with the settings you have chosen.