Finding and Exporting Email Addresses

If you accumulate Email Addresses in Big Business, you may want to Find and Export them for use in another program. This Solution provides some tips for:
• Finding Customers, Vendors, and Contacts with Email Addresses
• Exporting them

This Solution provides the Search criteria for finding entries containing email addresses and using Save To Disk to export them. (6010)

On a Customer Card you may have an Email Address and a Phone Number labeled Email.

Big Business includes an Email Address field on Customer, Vendor, and Contact Cards. There is also a Phone Label that reads, Email, for storing Email Address in one of the four Phone Number fields. Here are some examples using Customer Cards.

To Find Customers with Email Addresses:
1. Choose Find Cust from the Customer toolbar.
2. Use the Search: Email Address, Is Not Equal To, [blank]
3. Click the Find button (or type Return).

To Export the results from the Customer List:
1. Click Export.
2. Name and Save the export file in a convenient location.

Export writes a Tab-Text (tab delimited) file that can then be imported to another program. For example, in the Thunderbird email client program, you can choose Import from the Tools menu, choose Address Books, choose Text file, and choose Tab delimited on the Open dialog, then map the import fields. See your email program's Help for specifics on if and how it imports from text files.


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