Setting a non-US Date Format or Four-Digit Year

Big Business uses your System setting for Short Date format. Display the Day first (DD/MM/YY) or a four-digit year (MM/DD/YYYY) is done by choosing the setting you want in the Regional or Internation Control Panel.

This Solution describes the process. (5992)

Big Business uses your System setting for displaying Dates and Numbers and it is generally straighforward to make changes in the Regional Control Panel in Windows, or the International Control Panel in Mac OS X. You can choose non-US formats such as DD/MM/YY for Date from the choice of Short Date formats.

For example, in Windows, open the Regional Options Control Panel, go to Date, and choose a format from the pulldown menu in Short Date (e.g. MM/dd/yyyy).

In OS X, use the International Control Panel, go to Formats, and for Dates click Customize and choose an format. You must start from a Format such as United States, that does not display the Unicode warning (a yellow alert symbol), then Customize it. In OS X 10.4 in the window to Customize (pictured), leave Show on Short, and click and click on the Year (highlighted) to display a pulldown menu with a four-digit year.