Invoices, Sorted by Customer Field (Summary) Report

Big Business 5.1.0 adds the Invoices, Sorted by Customer Field (Summary) Report, which provides subtotals (Summary) for Invoices by the selected Customer Field. You can, for example, run the Report for:
- Invoices in a specific date range
- Invoices for a specified Customer, Salesperson, or other Invoice field
- Sorted by any Customer Field, such as City, State, Zip, Customer Type, etc..

This Solution describes the Invoices, Sorted by Customer Field (Summary) Report. (5991)

The Invoices, Sorted by Customer Field (Summary) Report is included in the Reports tool under Customers. Allow pleny of time for this report to run. This Report features:
- an Invoice Search
- a choice of Customer Field

Here is an example of how to report a prior year's sales by the State listed on the Cusotmer's Billing address information:

1. Open the Report tool from the File menu or InfoCenter toolbar
2. Select the report and click Save To Disk or Print, or double-click to Print
3. In the Invoice Search specify the Invoices you want to report, e.g.:
- Date Is On Or After 01/01/00
- Date is On Or Before 12/31/00
or whatever Search criteria you want and click OK (the Search button).
4. Choose the Sort Field from the list of Customer Fields, e.g.:
- Billing State
5. Wait while the report is compiled.

Depending on the volume of Invoices in the Search, and whether the Sort field happens to be an indexed field or not, the report may take some time to compile.


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