Price Level Changes Keep Line Item Comments

In Big Business 5.0.9 and earlier, changing the Price Level on Quotes, Sales Orders, and Invoices, reloads existing Line Items with current descriptions and their Prices for the selected Price Level. This erases changes that have been made to Comments, Descriptions, and ETAs.

Big Business 5.1.0 keeps the exisiting Descriptions, Comments, and ETAs when a Price Level change is made. This Solution describes this new behavior. (5979)

On the Profitability tab of a Quote, Sales Order, or Invoice, you can change the Price Level and Big Business will recalculate the transaction with the selected pricing. The Price Level is automatically set for the selected Customer but in special circumstances you may want to change the Price Level on a given transaction, without changing the setting on the Customer Card.

Prior to Big Business 5.1.0, changing the Price Level on a Quote, Sales Order, or Invoice reloaded all of the Item information, updating Descriptions, Comments, and ETAs. If you had customized any of these entries, then realized the Price Level needed changing, you would have to re-do all of these customizations.

Big Business 5.1.0 and higher reload all of the Item information when changing the Price Level and then re-apply the customizations for you, inserting any changes to Descriptions, Comments, and ETAs.