Warehouses: Registering

This Solution describes Registering the Warehouses Add-On, permanently or in Trial Mode, with your existing data file or the Demo Data File. (5941)

This feature is part of the Warehouses Add-On, which is an additional module for Big Business Server that tracks inventory at multiple Warehouses.

To Register the Warehouses Add-On:

1. Check that you are running Big Business Server. The Warehouses Add-On requires Server and will not operate properly in Big Business Single-User.

2. Go to the Maintenance toolbar, to the Company Card, and click the Upgrade button.

3. Click the Warehouses button and the Registration dialog, pictured, will open.

4. For the Demo Data File enter the Registration code, 54. Contact Big Business Support for a Registration Code for your Data File.

5. Click Continue and a validation dialog will appear. If this dialog confirms that the code is correct, click OK to dismiss the dialog, and click OK to Save the Company Card.

6. Restart Big Business Server. The Warehouses Add-On will be loaded when the Server Engine is restarted.