Item QuickSearch Save To Disk Includes Tags with Detail Description

Big Business 5.0.8 improves the Item QuickSearch Save To Disk function for exporting Item information. The option to export the Detail Description now includes Tags, too.

This Solution describes this feature. (5940)

The Item QuickSearch Save to Disk function asks if you want to include the Detail Description and Tags for each Item exported. If you choose, Yes, the export file, which is Tab-Text, will include this additional information as follows:

• Detail Description will have any carriage returns replaced with two spaces.

• Tags will listed with a comma and space between each (i.e. Tag1, Tag2).

To use the Item QuickSearch Save To Disk effectively the following tips may be helpful:

• Use the Item Search to find the Items you want to export. For example, you might want to find Items where Inventory Item Is Yes, Quantity On Hand Greater Than zero, and so on.

• After you choose Yes or No to include or exclude the Detail Description and Tags, you can Name and Save the export file, which is Tab-Text.

• The exported file can easily be opened into Excel or another spreadsheet by choosing Open from the File menu in Excel and choosing the export file.

• If the Text Import Wizard appears you can just click Finish to use the default setting, or step through the Import Wizard for special handling, such as keeping Item Codes that begin with a zero intact by designating them as Text instead of a number.