Bank Reconciliation Previous Balance Editable

If you ever need to create Bank Reconciliations out of sequence, or change the Previous Balance on a Reconciliation, this process is now much easier. Big Business 5.0.8 makes this field editable. The Previous Balance is still automatically filled in, but it can now be edited directly.

This Solution describes this new feature. (5939)

Previous versions of Big Business allowed you to change the Previous Balance on a new Bank Reconciliation by a key command, used in rare instances for corrections.

The Previous Balance on a Bank Reconciliation is now editable. This facilitates several operations:
• Entering Reconciliations out of chronological order
• Making a correction for an non-Banking posting
• Correcting when the first Reconciliation does not start from $0

Big Business still automatically fills in the Ending Balance from the last Reconciliation as the Previous Balance for the new Reconciliation. If you are entering Reconciliations out of order, for example, you can simply change the Previous Balance to match the statement you are entering.

To Edit the Previous Balance on a new Reconciliation:
1. Create the new Reconciliation, by clicking Add (+) on the list of Reconciliations on the Bank Card, or click the Reconciliation tool and select the Bank Account to be reconciled.
2. Tab or Click into the Previous Balance field
3. Enter the amount that appears on the bank statement

This feature can be used for corrections, carefully changing the Previous Balance to make the correction. For example, to clean up an unreconciled item from the past, you might create a new Reconciliation, adjust the Previous Balance by the amount of the item, and set the Ending Balance to the Ending Balance of the last "real" Reconciliation. When you check off this item, so it no longer appears unreconciled, the Reconciliation will balance and leave you with the correct Ending Balance going forward.


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