QuickFind Built Orders when using Allocate Builds

Big Business 5.0.7 adds a new entry to the QuickFind on an Item Card, Open Built Sales Orders. This entry finds Open Sales Orders for Built or Bundle Items that include the Item on the Item Card as a Component (or sub-component).

This Solution describes this QuickFind entry. (5926)

When the Allocate Components feature is turned on in the Item Prefs, Built Items automatically allocate their components (and sub-components). Components then have a Qty Allocated. They also have an additional QuickFind entry for finding the Sales Orders that create the Qty Allocated.

The QuickFind entry, Open Built Sales Orders...
• Appears when Allocate Components is turned on
• Finds Sales Orders for Built or Bundle Items that use the Item as a component
• Finds Sales Orders with Open Quantities that affect Qty Allocated


Allocate Builds