Print Options Keyboard Shortcuts

Big Business 5.0.3 adds a few keyboard shortcuts to the Print Options window to simplify the selection of forms and set multiple copies without using the mouse.

This Solution describes these keyboard shortcuts. (5899)

There are several keyboard shortcuts for the Print Options window:

• The Up and Down arrows on your keyboard highlight the row above or below the current row. Using the Up arrow from the first row moves to the last row. Using the Down arrow from the last row moves to the first row.

• The Space Bar selects the current row, setting it to one (1) copy if it is blank (0), or to blank (0) if there is a number of copies already entered.

• Any Number key sets the current row to the corresponding number of copies, allowing you to set a value between blank (0) and nine (9).

• Enter or Return selects the OK button to proceed with printing. Command-period or Esc selects the Cancel button. The OK button cannot be selected unless there are forms selected for printing.


Keyboard Shortcuts (Mac)
Keyboard Shortcuts (Windows)