Titles on Search Dialogs

Big Business 5.0.4 adds Titles to all Search dialogs, clarifying what is being searched when running Reports with multiple searches or filters.

This Solution describes this new feature. (5898)

Big Business Reports can include one or more Searches to narrow or filter results. The Search dialogs include a Title telling you what is being searched.

For example, the Customer Report:
"Customers, sorted by Items on Invoices (Summary)"
provides a list of Items sold, and for each Item, the Customers who purchased it and the quantity purchased by each.

When you run this Report, the first dialog that appears is the Customer Seach (pictured), where you can search for Customers and limit the report to those Customers matching your search criteria. The second dialog that appears is an Item Search, where you can search for Items and limit the report to those Items matching your search criteria.


Customer Reports