Rounding On Imports Uses Number Formats

Big Business 4.2.8 and 5.0.2 read the Number Formats set in the Company Card and use them for Item Import including:
• Items Import
• Update Items Import

Number Formats include settings for the Display and Rounding of:
• Quantity
• Unit Price, which applies to Costs, Level 1 Price, etc.
• Extended Price, which applies to Ext. Cost, Ext. Price, and Totals

This Solution explains this feature. (5881)

Number Formats are found on the Company Card on the Maintenance toolbar and include settings for the Display and Rounding of these numbers:
• Quantity
• Unit Price
• Extended Price

In most cases, you will want the Extended Price rounded to two decimal places, corresponding to whole cents (e.g. you cannot collect $1.125 owed, so you round to $1.13).

Your Quantities and Prices, or those you receive from Vendors, may need to extend further. Or, if you are using an import file with prices that do extend to several decimal places, you may want them to round to your settings.

In the picture, the Unit Price rounding is set to Three decimal places. Clicking on a target field like Level 1 Price (this label is set in the Item Prefs and will show the name you have entered for Level 1 Price) tells you the Acceptable Format:
"Any Number up to Three decimal places."
and the action taken if the imported value exceeds this format:
"Number Rounded to Three decimal places."

So, for example, if you adjusting pricing by Exporting, performing calculations in a spreadsheet, and importing changes with the Update Items Import, your Number Formats settings will be applied (i.e. all Unit Price fields rounded to a specified number of decimal places).


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