To Set Up Big BusinessWeb Server


To Set Up Big BusinessWeb Server:
1. From the Maintenance Toolbar, select the Internet tool.
2. A dialog box appears. Set the number of connections and buffer size.
ï Change the port number from the default (Port 80) only if you happen to be run-
ning anotherWeb server on the same machine. If you do change the port number,
users will have to append a colon and the port number to the IP address when log-
ging on (i.e.,
ï The #of connections field indicates the maximum number of simultaneous connec-
tions allowed. The number you select depends on the number of concurrent users,
their activity, and connection speed. We recommend that you set this number to
20, meaning that 20 users can simultaneously connect to Big BusinessWeb Server
through theirWeb browsers. Increase the number of connections (maximum 63)
only if the ìBusyî counters frequently becomes non-zero during the course of an average week. See ìReading the Web Server Status Screenî, later in this section.
ï The Buffer Size field should be set to 8192 (8K). The buffer size can be set in bytes
to any value from 1024 (1K) to 32768 (32K). Higher values reserve more memory.
You may decrease this number (minimum is 1024 bytes, or 1K) if you are limited
by available memory. The maximum number of connections multiplied by the
buffer size indicates how much memory is allocated to the Web server.
ï Uncheck the Submit Forms Using POST Method only if your users are connecting
through a proxy server which has the POST method disabled.
3. Click the StartWebserver Now button.
4. Click the Run at Startup checkbox to start Big BusinessWeb Server every time you
launch Big Business.
5. Click OK to save the form. If you have made any changes to the form, including
clicking the ìRun at Startup checkbox,î you will be asked whether you want to save
the form when you exit.
Select ìWeb Server Statusî from the Big Business File menu. Note the IP address of
your machine, so that you can tell your remote users what IP address to use when they
connect to Big Business from aWeb browser. See ìCheckingWeb Server Statusî,
later in this section.