OS X: Repair Disk Permissions To Fix Save To Disk Problems

Apple's Disk Utility for OS X 10.2 includes the option to Repair Disk Permissions. Repairing permissions is rumored to fix a host of OS X ailments including mysterious performance slowdowns. If you have problems using Save To Disk in Big Business, saving from a QuickSearch or saving a Report to disk, permissions may be the culprit.

Here's a quick overview of how to run the repair. (5779)

Repairing permissions is a feature of Disk Utility which is normally found on your OS X boot disk, in the Applications folder, in the Utilities folder. The option to Repair Disk Permissions is found on the First Aid tab and is only available if you running Mac OS X 10.2 or higher. Select a Disk then click Repair Disk Permissions. Allow ample time for repair of a large disk (one minute per megabyte).

Apple has extensive support information on permissions issues, including downloadable fixes for earlier versions of OS X.



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