Commenting Decription1 and Description2

Big Business lets edit the Description 1 and 2 fields on Line Items. Type the Comment character and Big Business will not look for a matching item and instead keep the changes.

This Solution describes this functionality.

Type the Comment Character, `, found on the tilde key above Tab, then your comment:

Big Business includes the ability to Comment the Description 1 and 2 fields on Line Items on transactions with Items.

To Add a Comment to Description 1 or 2:

1. Insert your cursor in the Description to change.

2. Type the Comment Character, `, using the key above Tab (with tilde).

3. Type your comment or changes to the description.

4. Hit the Tab key.

The Comment Character is automatically removed and your comment remains without prompting an Item lookup. If you do not type the comment character, a lookup is triggered and another Item is selected or the Item Listing appears, sorted by the relevant column (Description1 or Description2) with the closest match highlighted. Cancel to restore the previous Item and carefuly type the comment character (` above the Tab key).


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