Customer Credit Limit / On Hold

This document describes how to put a customer on credit hold and how to adjust a customer's credit limit. (5169)

Credit Hold
If you have a credit problem with a customer (because of late payments, for example), you can place the customer on credit hold. Depending on the options you chose in the Customer Preference window, a hold can prevent you from saving an invoice for the customer or simply display a warning message. To place a customer on credit hold, open the customer card and click on the Customer History tab. Click the On Hold checkbox.

When the customer’s credit problem has been resolved, you can remove the hold the same way you placed it.

Increasing the Credit Limit Inside of an Invoice
To increase the credit limit in the middle of an invoice, make the necessary adjustments to the customer card. Be sure to re-select the customer in the invoice to update the customer
information loaded into the invoice.