Credit Verification

This document describes how to put a customer on credit hold and how to modify the credit verification consequences when saving invoices. (5168)

Determining Credit Verification Consequences

You can choose what happens when a customer exceeds their credit limit or you place them on credit hold. For an Invoice, there are three options:
· Display a warning message and prevent new invoices from being saved
· Display a warning message, but allow new invoices to be saved
· Display no message and allow new invoice to be saved (even if on credit hold)
These same settings are available for Sales Orders, too.

To Set Credit Preferences:
1. From the Customer toolbar, select Prefs.
2. Select Sales Order Prefs or Invoice Prefs.
3. Choose Credit Verification settings using the QuickPop.
4. Click the OK button to save Sales Order/ Invoice Prefs.
5. Click the OK button to save Customer Prefs

These settings apply to all users and will immediately affect new and unsaved transactions.


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