Customize the way Big Business rounds and displays numbers

You can customize the way Big Business displays and rounds numbers in order to match your needs. This is important if you need to maintain detail on amounts greater than the standard 2 decimal places. (5164)

Big Business allows you to change number formats and currency symbols to match your business needs. You use the Number Formats dialog box to set several options. In the Maintenance tool bar, select the Company Card. Click on the Format Numbers button located in the center of the Company Card.

After choosing the appropriate country from the selection of English-speaking countries, the typical set of currency symbols, number formats, and currency text will appear. In this window, it is possible to change the text printed on the checks, the display of numbers, currency symbols, and the rounding of decimal places. For example, you can define the currency to be printed on checks as “Dollars”, unit prices to display up to two decimals, while being rounded at four decimal places. The Example column shows examples of how numbers appear with the settings you have chosen.

When changing the display format, entering a 0 signifies that a number should always be printed in that space (even if the number is 0). If you insert a # instead of a 0, then a number will only appear if the number is not zero. You can always round to more decimal places than is actually displayed.


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