Connecting a Remote Client

Big Business users ask regularly for a solution allowing them remote connectivity for a Client to Big Business Server. This Solution provides recommendations (3479)

Big Business Server is designed for Local Area Network (LAN) use, because of the amount of data transferred between the Server and Client. System requirements for Big Business Server include a dedicated server machine and an Ethernet network. Ethernet allows for up to ten (or one hundred) Megabits of data per second between server and client. By comparison, a remote service such as ISDN tops out at 128 Kilobits of data per second. Relative to a LAN connection this is a small fraction of the necessary speed (128 Kb/10,000 Kb).

The Client loads all important Indexes (Customer List, Item List, and so on) during Sign-In. If you allow several minutes for the data transfer, you may end up with a Client with acceptable performance, provided your connection is fast, clean, and your data file is not too large.

A much more efficient option is the use of "remote control" software. Imagine that you want to work from home. Using a product such as Timbuktu or PC Anywhere allows you to remote control you "office" computer from home. Your office computer has the advantage of a direct connection to servers and resources at the office. What you see from home is simply a screen shot of the work your "office" computer is doing. The screen shots and your clicks and typing are the only data sent over your (much slower) remote connection.

In practice it works quite well. The downsides are that it engages two computers (the "office" machine and your remote machine), and that it may present problems to control the printing (do you want to print on the "office" printer or your remote printer?). The upsides are vastly superior performance and a built-in measure of security.

Visit the links below for more information on the aforementioned products. This solution does not constitute an endorsement of either product, nor is it a recommendation that you use our product in a manner outside of its design. We are simply relaying user experience, including the common misconception that "my connection is fast enough." Where possible, test before you invest.


Timbuktu (Mac and Win)
Symantec (makers of PC Anywhere for Windows)

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