Fractional Units Not Being Accepted

On Item transactions (Orders, Bills, Invoices) and in defining Built or Bundled Items, Big Business allows Units with up to five decimal places. The Format Numbers tool, found on the Company Card, allows you to set display and rounding options.

If Rounding for the Quantity is set to zero (0), you will not be able to enter a value other than a whole number. (3471)

If you find that entering fractional Quantities in Big Business results in rounding (e.g. "0.25" becomes "0"; "0.5" becomes "1") check Number Formats.

On the Maintenance toolbar, open the Company Card.

Click the Format Numbers tool

Check the Rounding for Quantity.

The Format Numbers tool allows you set both Rounding and Display Format, and deserves careful consideration if other changes are made. For example, changing the Rounding on Unit Price to three decimal places, without changing its Display Format might lead to a situation such as a Unit Price of $.059 for ten units calculating to $.59, displaying as $.05 x 10 = $.59.

Look closely at the Examples to ensure your Display Format will display an adequate number of decimal places.


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