CheckMark Payroll: Importing

This Solution provides an overview of setting up Big Business to import information from CheckMark Payroll. (3453)


Before importing your CheckMark payroll information to Big Business:

• Set the Payroll Liability Category (on the Employee Prefs card) and the Default Other Expense Category (on the Banking Prefs card) to the same Category. The selected Category should be your Payroll Liability Account.

To Import Payroll Information from CheckMark:

1. Select the Import tool on the Maintenance toolbar.

2. Open the text export file created from CheckMark.

3. Select CheckMark Payroll from the Import... list and click the OK button.

4. Review the list of Checks and the Balancing Entry.

5. Select an item and click the Posting Information button to see the posting detail.

6. When you are satisfied the import is correct, click the OK button.

The entries created can be found in:
• Employee Cards, on the History tab
• On the Account Cards for various payroll accounts
• On the Bank Card for the cash account


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