Time Saving Techniques

This Solution lists a number of time-saving techniques, such as quick date entry, keyboard shortcuts, (3403)

Double-click in Additional Contacts to Add, or type Ctrl + or Command +

Big Business includes a number of "hidden" time-saving techniques. Learning just a few can save you a considerable amount of time.

• Keyboard Shortcuts allow you perform most operations.
» See page 95 of your User's Guide for Windows
» See page 73 of your User's Guide for Macintosh
» Tab through fields
» Spacebar toggles checkboxes
» ESCape key works as Cancel

• Dates can be entered in a variety of ways.
» Using separators: MM/DD, MM/DD/YY, MM/DD/YYYY
» Without separators: MMDDYY or MMDDYYYY
» In the same month: DD
» Using up/down arrow keys to change to next/previous date

• Lookups are often available from more than one column.
» If a QuickPop menu is necessary, it is sorted by the lookup column.

• Double-clicking allows drill-down or opening of related items.
» From most lists opens the item double-clicked
» In some lists blank space creates a new item

MyDesk lets you to create a custom toolbar with the tools you use most
» Up to 31 tools, screen width permitting (if too many, use Tools menu)
» Saved with your User Name; works wherever you Sign-In (multi-user)