Expanded Line Items Tab On Invoices

This Solution describes the new Expanded Line Items Tab on Invoices. This feature was added in Big Business 2.5, allowing you to see stock levels (Inventory Allocations, Quantity on Hand, etc.) while completing an Invoice. (3341)

View detailed inventory information for Items on an Invoice:

Big Business 2.5 adds a new tab to the Invoice, allowing you to view inventory information for Items on the Invoice. The Invoice with Expanded Line Items tab displays the following inventory information:

• Quantity on Hand (QOH)

• Quantity Allocated--the sum of open Customer Sales Orders

• Quantity Available--QOH minus Quantity Allocated

Keep in mind that if you are modifying an Invoice, its impact may already be reflected in the Quantity On Hand.

The Invoice with Expanded Line Items tab of the Invoice is larger than other views. If this tab extends beyond the bottom of your screen, switch to the Invoice tab to view Totals.

A Sales Order which has been Carried Forward to an Invoice (#5018 in the picture) affects Quantity Allocated until the Invoice is saved.


  Chapter 325 Customer Invoices

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