Assigning Default Categories


During Setup you can choose which categories will be used by default in Big Business. (If you used predefined categories and accounts, the default categories are already assigned, but you can change them.) When you begin using Big Business, you can override these defaults and even change them, but you probably won’t need to.

Default Category selections are found in the Prefs for most toolbars, on the Accounting tab, with a combined listing in the Category Prefs. Some selections made during Setup, such as your Retained Earnings account, cannot be altered.

The individual fields in the window allow you to choose from the categories in the Accounts & Categories list. When you click the QuickChoose icon next to a field, you see a dialog box where you can choose the category you want. Select the category you want to use and click the OK button. Alternatively, double-click the entry. The category you chose appears in the field in the Category Set Up window.

To add a category to an Automatic category list:
Click the add button in the upper right of the category list. A list of available accounts and categories appears. Select the category you want to add, then click the OK button. Alternatively, double-click the category you want.

If you select a Category with an inappropriate Account Type, an Alert will appear. Check its Account Type by opening its Account Card from the Bookkeeper toolbar.


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