Consolidating Data

Big Business includes a Consolidate function to remove old, finalized data. Removing this History can make your Data File smaller and easier to backup and if historical entries are no longer useful for reference, removing them will reduce clutter.

Consolidation should only be considered as a last resort for improving performance. Performance should be addressed by other maintenance, tuning, and upgrade options. Contact technical support for details.

This Solution describes the Consolidate function. (3284)

Consolidate clears postings and transactions that meet the following criteria:

• On or before the specified "Consolidate Through" Date

• Finalized (i.e. Locked, Reconciled, Closed or zeroed, depending on the transaction)

• Not the related to any transaction which is not being Consolidated

The option to remove Customer, Vendor, and Items cards allows you to remove Cards for which all activity is removed by the Consolidate process. Alternatively, you can use the appropriate Batch Delete option to remove those Cards which no longer have any history.

Please adhere to the following recommendations:

• Back up your data before Consolidating! Archive a copy for future reference.

• It is recommended you use Single-User Big Business to Consolidate a multi-user file.

• Read "Before Consolidating Data," on the following page.

• Run Consolidate only once for a given time period.

• Read "After Consolidating Data," in the following section.


Before Consolidating
After Consolidating

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