Moving Data to the Server

This Solution describes moving your Data File to Big Business Server for Mac OS X. (3255)

Place your Company data file in the Data folder or any convenient location.

If you have built a new Date File using Big Business Single-User, are Upgrading to Big Business Server, or migrating from an old server computer, here are some ideas for moving your Data File.

Your Data File can be stored in any convenient location on your new server computer. Name your Data File prior to moving it to avoid any confusion.

There are several possible ways to move your data file; the easiest are:

• Enable File Sharing and copy the file over the network
• Use a removable drive, flash drive, etc.
• Burn the file onto a CD-R or DVD-R
• Compress and send your file using FTP or Email.

If you have any questions, contact Big Business Support.


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