Changing the Amount on a Misc. Bill

Big Business provides a Misc. Bill tool for entering Vendor Bills without Line Items. Use this tool for entering Bills that do not pertain to Item Cards. When creating a Misc. Bill, the Expense Category on the History tab of the Vendor Card is used. For example, for the telephone company, you might enter your Telephone Expense Category. Then when you create Misc. Bills for the phone company, they are automatically posted to Telephone Expense. If you have special requirements you can manually override this selection by using the Posting button on the Misc. Bill tool.

Throughout Big Business, you can double-click on a Posting or Transaction in a list to view the original transaction. When you double-click a Misc. Bill, it opens in to the regular Bill tool, and lists the Misc. Bill as a Line Item. If the Amount of the Misc. Bill is modified, this "Line Item" will be reloaded and the Expense Category will default to the Default Item Expense Category listed in the Item Prefs. So, by changing the amount of a phone bill, for example, may change the posting from Telephone Expense to Supplies. (3200)

If a Misc. Bill has an incorrect amount, Delete the incorrect Bill and reenter it using the Misc. Bill tool.


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