Batch Delete of Quotes

The ability to delete old Quotes en masse has long been requested by Big Business Users who generate numerous Quotes. Many companies have a high Quote to Sales Order ratio. In the end, they may only convert a few Quotes to Sales Orders.

The Items that are sold contain historical transaction information and can not be deleted. The Items that have only been used in Quotes can be deleted by first deleting the expired Quotes, then the Item Card.

Quote Batch Delete (and Item Batch Delete, link below) facilitate this process. (3132)

Not an idle attempt. All Quotes can be deleted.

Big Business 2.5 adds the ability to Batch Delete Quotes. Because this Delete is permanent, you should exercise proper caution in its use. Refer to the section on Employee Access Privileges for restricting Access to the Batch Delete tool. You may also want to Back Up your Company data file, or export the selection of Quotes you are attempting to Delete, prior to deleting them.

To Batch Delete Quotes, from the Quote QuickSearch:
1. Find those Quotes whose "Expiration Date Is on or before Today," for example.
2. Click the Batch Delete tool to Delete all Quotes in the current Quote List.
Big Business will display a confirmation dialogue offering to Continue or Cancel.
3. Select Continue to permanently Delete all Quotes in the list.

If you select one Quote in the List and click Batch Delete, Big Business will display a dialogue with a choice of Deleting the selected Quote, Deleting all Quotes in the List, or Canceling.

Quote Batch Delete is particularly useful if you produce a large number of Quotes. Customers and Items contained in a Quote are linked to the Quote and cannot be deleted until the Quote is deleted. By cleaning up old or expired Quotes, you will then be able to delete Customers and Items that were entered only for quotation purposes.


Item Batch Delete

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