Control Key Shortcuts for Windows

Control Key Equivalents

This document describes keyboard shortcuts to perform specific tasks inside of Big Business.


Ctrl-A Select all the text in a field.
Ctrl-C Copy the selected text.
Ctrl-D Duplicate the current window.
Ctrl-E Create a note or edit the selected list item.
Ctrl-F Search using the QuickSearch feature appropriate to the window.
Ctrl-H Hide or redisplay the toolbar.
Ctrl-L Open the QuickChoose list for this type of window.
Ctrl-M Memorize this transaction.
Ctrl-N Save and Open.
Ctrl-P Print the current window.
Ctrl-Q Quit Big Business.
Ctrl-R Recall a transaction.
Ctrl-S Save the window.
Ctrl-T Switch to the next toolbar. (same as Ctrl-F15)
Ctrl-V Paste the last text that was cut or copied.
Ctrl-W Close the current window.
Ctrl-X Cut the selected text.
Ctrl-Z Undo the last text action.
Ctrl-1 to 4 Go to the first to fourth tab of a window.
Ctrl-+ Add a list item.
Ctrl-- (Minus) Delete a list item.
Ctrl-Enter Save the window.
Ctrl-Return Add a new line to the Line Items area of a transaction window.
Ctrl-. (Period) Cancel, close the current window.
Ctrl-F1 to F14 Open the corresponding tool from the toolbar.
Ctrl-F15 Switch to the next toolbar. (same as Ctrl-T)


Keyboard Shortcuts (Mac)