Entering Foreign Addresses in Big Business

“The name and address fields are not set up for international customers. Many foreign countries don't use the city, state, and zip code format this country uses.”

While this is true, Big Business does allows ample room for most sorts of addresses. If you run into a difficult address use the guidelines below to achieve best results.


Using a Customer Card as an example for an address record, and an Invoice as an example of transaction record, the following tips will help achieve better results with difficult addresses:

The Billing Name and Address consists of:
Three (3) lines of 32 characters
A City field of 16 characters
A State field of 3 letters
A Zip field of 10 characters
A Country field of 16 characters

The Bill To address field on an invoice will hold 32,000 characters

The Bill To address field on a printed Invoice (Plain Paper) is four (4) lines of 32 characters.

Working within these limitations, here are some examples:

Four Seasons Hotel (leaves the state blank)
10-8, Sekguchi 2-chome
Tokyo, 112 Japan

The Box Office Manager (uses the three letter state)
Sydney Opera House
PO Box R1225 Royal Exchange
Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia

U. S. Information Service (skips city, state and zip)
2 rue Saint-Florentin
75832 Paris codex 08

Keep in mind that the limitation is on the Customer Card in what is “pastes” into the shipping or billing address. These fields are really 32k on an Invoice, for example. Some creative Users, who use Custom Forms with larger text blocks, use tricks such as keeping half an address in one of the Additional Contacts and concatenate with a cut and paste.


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