Out of Stock Items on Sales Orders

When saving a Sales Order it would be helpful to be warned if any of the Items on the Sales Order are out of stock or if the order exceeds current available stock. (3042)

Alert the Salesperson when Quantity On Hand is insufficient to fill the Order:

Big Business 2.5 includes the option to Warn the User or Allow Sales Orders which include Items whose Quantity on Hand is insufficient to fill the Order.

To change this setting:
1. Open the Customer Prefs.
2. Click the Sales Order Preferences button.
3. Use the Pull-Down menu in the Sell Into Negative Quantity selection.
4. Select “Warn User” or "Allow."
5. Click the OK button on Sales Order Preferences to save changes.
6. Click the OK button on Customer Preferences to save changes.

If Warn User is selected, and the Quantity on Hand of an Item is insufficient to fill the Sales Order, Big Business will show a warning when:

• the Item is added to the Sales Order
• the Quantity for the Item is modified
• Saving the Sales Order

All warnings are based on Quantity on Hand, not Quantity Available. To determine whether previous open orders for the same item mean that the item is unavailable, refer to the Sales Order with Extended Line Items Tab and the displayed Quantity Available.


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