Single Instance Objects

Single-Instance Objects (2604)

Big Business won’t display certain tools in read-only mode; only one instance of the tool can be open on the network at one time. This means that only one instance of that tool can be open on any one client, as well. Big Business prevents access to certain tools and operations to protect data integrity and prevent event conflicts, such as printing duplicate checks or duplicating deposits. For instance, a user cannot do a bank account reconciliation when another user has already started a reconciliation. Once the first user has completed the reconciliation, the other user may begin one.

Big Business displays the following dialog box when only one instance of the tool can be open at a time.

The following is a list of the tools that can be open in only one instance at a time.
• Prefs (except MyDesk)
• Item Adjustments
• Balance Adjustments
• Reconciliation
• Deposits
• Finance Charges


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