In Use Objects

In-Use Objects (2602)

The In Use marker indicates that this Customer Card is currently being modified by another User.

Big Business allows multiple users to view the same object simultaneously, but only
one user at a time can actually modify the object. For example, many users can view a customer card for A Shop For Gifts And Things at the same time, but only one user can actually edit the card. Once that user closes A Shop For Gifts And Things’s customer card, another user can begin making modifications immediately. Objects displayed in this read- only mode can be viewed and printed by any number of users at a time. User access to objects is managed on a first-come-first-served basis.

Big Business does not display a dialog box when an object will be displayed in read-only mode. Instead the In Use indicator is displayed.

The following is a list of the objects that Big Business displays in read-only mode:
• Customer, Vendor, Item, Contact, Employee, Company Cards
• Quotes, Orders, Invoices
• Receive Money
• Purchase Orders
• Bills
• Make a Payment tool
• Bank, Category, Account Cards
• General Journal
• Transfers
• Access


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